A modern support system for every family caregiver. (Finally.)

We're building the high-quality family caregiving resources you deserve, starting with Carol™ Caregiver Circles – a better kind of support group. Sign up now to get started.


Meet our first Carol™ Resources, a new kind of high-quality family caregiving resource that you can depend on – and afford.

Just Launched
Carol™ Caregiver Circles

A better kind of support group. Get matched with a small group of similar family caregivers from across the country and a Carol™ facilitator to meet for 60 minutes per week on Zoom.

✓ Facilitated video sessions
✓ Convenient days & times
✓ Less than $30 per session

Coming Soon
Carol™ Video Classes

Expert information in your pocket. Watch short videos led by caregiving experts like geriatricians, estate attorneys, and financial planners that answer your caregiving questions.

Coming Soon
Your Smart Idea Here

We want to hear from you. Tell us what resources you need most, and Team Carol™ might build them next. Email hello@carolcanhelp.com or find us on Instagram at @carolcanhelp.

Hi, I'm Libby Brittain. I'm a technologist and a family caregiver for my mom, Carol, who has early-onset Alzheimer's disease.

When I became a family caregiver seven years ago, I felt overwhelmed, unprepared, and alone. I couldn't believe how hard it was to find high-quality resources that I could depend on and afford. Eventually, I learned that there are more than 40+ million Americans – 1 in 4 of whom are Millennials like me – who care for an adult family member like their parent or spouse because of an illness, an injury, or old age. I also learned that most of us need a lot more help than we're getting. So I started Carol™ to build the modern support system my mom and I needed – and that all 40+ million of us deserve.

Carol™ is a thoughtful and ambitious technology company building a modern support system for America's 40+ million family caregivers.

At Carol™, we believe that technology can help us build the best caregiving infrastructure in the world. We are building a remote-first team made up of thoughtful and ambitious people with a wide range of backgrounds and skills from across the United States to help us realize this vision. We'd love if you joined us. Email us at hello@carolcanhelp.com.

"No man is an island, entire of itself." – John Donne, Meditation XVII